Winter Hack Project

I rescued an old Colnago dream 2003 over the summer, with the intention of making it into a nice little winter hack/commuter... for days when I either couldn't face the 15 mile round trip on fixed gear, or for simply when I wanted to hit up Regents Park for some pre-Getty laps. Having no doubt driven James mad with bits lying all over the flat and him having to put up with my whinging because this part doesn't fit or that part doesn't look right, its a welcome arrival and has ended weeks of me pottering about wittering on about the build.
After much cleaning up and a little smattering of TLC via Prologue, I spent my first day yesterday cruising around Regents on it. Having never ridden campag before, Iv been pretty impressed with the relatively low end Veloce groupset. Low end in price and weight perhaps, but ample performance for my requirements. As its only a budget winter hack, finishing kit has been extremely modest, choosing Deda matching alu steapost and stem, spd's for a bit more practicality when commuting, and tried and trusty Continental 4 seasons tyres, having impressed me last year even holding up in thick snow. If you see me out on the road, give me a wave.... (or a draft!)

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mj said...

Yeah, that looks like a total pile of junk Gem! I wish my winter bike looked as ugly! ;-)

But really - when you've got the bug, it' hard to build a bike that's truly average, isn't it? Enjoy.

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