Pain is temporary

but ruining your favorite jersey is forever...


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Wednesdays Shwag

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King Alberto

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Rapha Rides Nordal

By Ben Ingham

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Cav Fail

Roubaix Recon


UCI declare him free to leave Astana. Let the wild speculation begin!

Summing it up

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Acqua Sapone Bargain

Those lovely people over at Prendas have got the fab Acqua Sapone 2006 jersey for a scandalous £25 (gratis delivery too!) Cop yourself some natty italian style....


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Model Behaviour

Ever fancied one of those cute cycling models? well look no further. has a veritable plethora of cycling models to purchase, from time trial teams to king of mountains to team coaches and support cars!
Most are available painted or unpainted if you fancy a challenge (its like the warhammer years all over again!)

Taking care of business

Rapha Condor Down Under


View From The Convoy In Rapha Car - Jayco Herald Sun Tour from cycling tips on Vimeo.


he really is a douche isnt he?

Blood, sweat and gears...

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Frank Vandenbroucke passed away, 12th October 2009. Tragic.


Cycling Tips with Rapha

CyclingTips blog, one of my faves has some great posts up with the Rapha team whilst the the Sun Tour in Oz. be sure to check it out!

Cycle Show 2009

So i popped down to the Cycle Show at Earl's Court on Saturday, and heres what i thought:

1) I need to find £7k. thats 2 for electronic Dura Ace, and 5 for the sub 1kg per pair mavic climbing wheels. The dura ace has the be ridden to be believed. Amazing bit of kit, im totally enamoured with it!
2) The retail zone sucked bar the stand (future post to come soon on them). I have been rocking my tshirts since saturday...
3) Coming second in the wattbike 500m sprint challenge in the open womens category sucked, especially when by a 0.6 second margin.
4) James yet again owned Simon on the wattbikes.
5) Pegorettis barbed wire paint job was fresh.
6) I REALLY regret not going and speaking to Russel Downing and Malc Elliot on the Pinarello/Corima stand. My absolute two fave uk riders.
7) The Assos stand was amazing and I want EVERYTHING.
8) The £1 sausage baguettes from the cafe outside still rule, after moving jobs at the beginning of the year I have missed them, and was delighted to be reunited with them.
9) Disappointed i couldnt buy and cool bits I had on my schwag list, like embrocation.
10) Im not that into Condor bikes.... there I said it. Contraversial I know.
11) Make a component in white and im there!

Looking forward to next year...

I tried out the tron-inspired electronic dura ace, and I am so in love with it. The trimming on the front derailleur eliminating cross chain rub was amazing.

Sprint-Face baby!

Simon laying some watts out


White shit! yeah!

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Smack my bitch up

Shimano R160 custom fit shoe bargain

Over at JEJames, cop some custom fit Shimano R160 road shoes for over £90 of their RRP.

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Probikekit has a sterling bargain in the way of a Rabobank short sleeve jersey for less than £15! Cop it below, and dont forget to use the 10% discount code PBK10.


Mega-post : Sportive Survival Guides

Michael Cotty for Cyclefilm presents a five video guide to riding a sportive....

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Quickstep Jersey Cheapness

Cop a Quickstep jersey for £24 over at .
Recreate your very own stroppy Devolder or party-boy Tomekke moments without the hassle of heading to Belgium!

Magnus Coffee!

Check this out, former pro and 2004 Paris-Roubaix winner Magnus Backstedt has his own line of coffee!
He was famed for his huge stature, and he also runs a pretty cool development team.
Anyway, his coffee is cheap (£4 for 250g) and what better way to toast your coffee stop than with a real ex-pro racers blend...

check out his coffee bean paint job below, what a dude!