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Condor X Cadence Exclusive

Condor Cycles has let Bianchista have a sneaky peak at their new stunning collabo frameset with guru's of the uno-cog game Cadence. Cadence recently released a hot pair of DVS shoes, the 'Fast Fridays' sneakers, more info here. The Condor produced 'Fast Friday' frameset is based upon the foundations of the Condor Classico steel frameset, creating a truly one off lugged triple butted steel beauty. I cant wait to see this frame built up, reckon its going to look amazing dressed as a classic looking track racer bike, or even pimped out as a trick bike.... I particularly love the texture of the decals and the detailing such as logo stamped upon the BB shell.

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Rapha presents The Vuelta CD

Bianchista towers was very kindly delivered the latest installment in the Rapha Racing album collection, the companies musical compilations cataloging each epic grand tour and providing the tunes to take you to on a journey to the heart of ther race. This cd is entitled 'The Vuelta' and obviously has a very spanish theme. The album coincides with the 75th anniversary of the end of year Grand Tour. The albums are compiled by Simon Rose of Pitch & Sync, and Simon can be found online on his twitter. Obviously readers will know i waxed lyrical about the 'Giro' CD, so this one has a lot to live up to.

Like the last album, theres a great blend of traditional old style, with classic Catalan guitar tracks, to some Indo-European slow burning disco beats.With a distinctly Spanish flavour the high energy tracks are interspersed with extracts from extracts from the 'Viva La Vuelta!' book, with the extracts providing a nice narritive anchor. The tracks serve to provide listeners with a taste of the heat and passion of the race, in no less than 13 underground musical gems.

As with the last record, the packaging will feature a deluxe inlay with all the main protagonists photographed from past and present. The CD will be priced at £12 and available at Rapha. I believe a digital edition will also be avaiulable for download, presumably from Itunes.

Ride The Rockies

EPS Mapei

Pegoretti Lust

AX-Lightness Alpha - 580gr Frame

2011 S-Works Shoes


Only just stumbled across this blog. Nice race reports and pics....

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Museeuws Gift

OK so I assume everyone saw the 'A Throw Of The Dice' short by Nick Livesy over at Rapha? Well, the burning question for today is.... Just who did Johan Museeuw give the rosary to? Who do you think was the lucky recipient? I have no idea at all but i'd take a punt that Tommeke Boonen was the lucky recipient. A 'Cycling Mystery!'

Bargain Of The Day

Planet-X have some very tasty carbon and titanium skewers in their clearance section for the obscene price of £20 (including delivery!) At only 44g per pair these are a surefire way to trick up a light wheelset without breaking the bank. Available in colours to suit all rides, scoop HERE

Stage 6 Podcast

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Nick Livesey, of the 'A Throw Of The Dice' movie fame has put together a book using images captured from a self constructed pinhole camera, documenting the annual Fireflies ride, a nine day epic journey of 1000km that raises money for Leukemia reserach at the Hammermith Hospital. 
The books will be produced in a strictly limited print run, with proceeds heading straight to the fundraising pot. A wonderful idea and it looks to be filled with romantic, dark and interesting imagery. Director Ridley Scott said of the book “Weather-ravaged, high open spaces contrast with clinical and claustrophobic (yet lifesaving) machinery… the pictures are both uplifting and darkly unsettling.” 

Mountain/Machine is available to order from Rapha for £40


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Mont Vontoux Fixed

Ridley Scott Associates & Rapha

Rapha & RSA have collaborated on three filmic ventures to celebrate the three stories behind their club jerseys. The three films, based on Sean Kelly, Dario Pegoretti and Johan Museeuw offer an intense aesthetic explored in three very different ways. Filmmakers Ben Ingham, Nick Livesey and Adrian Moat have created unique films, of which the trailers and information regarding screenings are available to view below. The films will be released online in full HD glory on three different dates, and can only be viewed by logging into the rapha website on the designated screening date, the temporary nature of the films serving to enhance the viewing experience. (All screening times in GMT)

A Throw Of The Dice - Nick Livesey
Screening > Fri 13th Aug 1pm - Sat 14th Aug 9am

Two Broad Arrows - Adrian Moat
Screening > Fri 20th Aug 1pm - Sat 21st Aug 9am

Of Steel - Ben Ingham
Screening > Fri 27th Aug 1pm - Sat 28th Aug 9am

I Heart Parlee


Paul Smith X Principa

Info Here

Elcyclista Armwarmers

Elcyclista is not only an awesome site with marvelous photograph essays and lovely prose, but Conor has also designed a gorgeous stylish kit, by Capo. I scooped a pair of the armwarmers for the UK's ever-changeable weather system, and found them to be an essential wardrobe addition. They are your usual armwarmer affair, with a soft brushed lining and gel gripper atop of the arm. One thing i loved about them is the lovely little touch at the cuff... 'On your right' and 'On your left' adorn the pink detailing. Excellent stuff!

Available to order HERE

Tony Pereira in Timothy Everest



Congrats Kristian!

Urban Hill Climb