Ode To The Chill

This morning I dragged myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 5am to get ready for the early shift at work. The heating was yet to kick in, so I hurriedly grabbed a fistful of roubaix lined lycra and threw it on as quickly as my tired head would allow. The sad thing is, it was a chilly 3 degrees on my 8 mile ride into work, and its only October! Its going to get sooo much colder, brrr. Anyway, posturing aside, I would just like to say that the next time I even think of moaning regarding the weather, be it chilly temperatures, gale force winds or a nice refreshing shower..... I'm going to stop myself and think about the man, the legend... GILBERT!
Its not like Philippe would moan and whine about such conditions. He revels in it! so next time the changeable weather gets you down... just think to yourself, "What would Gilbert do?". Dig out your plethora of winter kit that's been stored away over the warmer summer months (a good excuse to treat yourself to some new cold weather kit should you lack an arsenal of soft brushed thermal goodies) and embrace the chill. Fit those mudguards, jump aboard the winter hack, and learn to love the cold months ahead.... because there really is nothing better than long slow miles in the autumn & winter with good friends, good coffee and a damned long good cake stop.
Richmond Park, December 2009 - Getty Images

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