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New Spesh Shoes?

Apple Of My Eye

Condor just keep coming up with the goods! Spotted this little number in the basement of Grays Inn rd, and i haven't stopped thinking about the lovely little carbon-tailed  beaut, the Italia RC. Thinking of a crap weather trainer/super commuter build now that the ratty colnago is lying in bits abandoned in the corner of my room. A simple cost friendly economy 105 5700 build with some handmade open pro's. Food for thought!

Bespoked Bristol

Iv just booked the tickets to head down and check out the very promising 'Bespoked Bristol' show in March. After a superbly received 2011 edition the exhibition is back with a bang for 2012, with a bumper list of two wheeled ephemera on offer to drool over, from Pegorettis, to Condors, to boutique builders like Feather Cycles, Paulos Quiros and Donhues.
Expect a whole raft of accessories and hardware companies to be displaying their wares as well as the bike makers, ensuring the event is a hit with lovers of all things bicycle. Tickets are currently available over at the Bespoked website, with a cracking 2 passes for £10 on offer at the moment, a deal id advise the early birds to snap up. The venue is located right next to Bristol Temple Meads train station, making it easy for us out-of-towners. Us lucky London residents will be able to recognise the friendly faces of 'Look Mum No Hands!', who will be onsite providing all your caffeinated needs in their pop-up cafe. 
This year sees the inclusion of a test track to put some unique bikes through their paces, and also a framebuilders section, aiming to showcase amateur artisanal framebuilding. 


Bike Lust

Tenspeed Hero

Im not sure why its taken me so long to stumble across the very excellent 'Tenspeed Hero' website. Billed as an online cycling journal, featuring some fantastic photography and witty prose, Tenspeed Hero aims to, in their own words, "revel in the non sequiter and things often related to cycling", and they really hit the mark for cool little snippets that may or may not be related to a love of all things two-wheeled. Head on over to their site and have an explore, im very glad I did.

RCS Super Acciaio

Condor are absolutely killing it with these special edition Super Acciaios. Rumour has it Deano & Jimmy will be racing them in the summer crit series.... top notch detailing from the crew at Grays Inn Road, check out the condor emblem on the top tube!

National Trophy Round 6 - Shrewsbury

Richard Dawson captured the full on muddy action of round 6 of the Cyclocross National Trophy in the most incredible light. Head on over to flickr for his full set, and check out more of his work at his website.




Yo, SKY - you blates need a pro photo editors services... drop me a line ;)

Winter Rider

On a quick blast to Richmond Park a couple of weeks ago I caught the wheel of Dr J > I thoroughly enjoyed the chilly but brisk lap we shared, catching up as we turned the pedals. Winter Jerseys at the ready (in 2010 navy obv), the icy air and sparsely decorated trees provided a beautiful backdrop to some hazily lit steady winter riding. Beats the turbo anyday! 

Bike Lust

Winter Miles

Iv been pretty spoilt for weather and riding this past few weeks, with some really mild winter days making for some fabulous base mileage, pootling about before the intensity work begins in Feb! I had the pleasure of riding with Portland's finest, mister Jeremy Dunn himself, as well as joining some cool people to rack up those important conversational paced rides.... long may the mildness continue, if I ever thought to myself id be riding in mitts in January id have thought that was barmy! Hope everyone is enjoying their January...
Nothing nicer than riding with a cycling newbie, biggup Jezza!
 Loving Prendas white oversocks, so PRO
 Suited, booted and not a cloud in the sky. Glorious!
 Portlands daddio of cool, J-Dunn himself. Was a pleasure to chase the tarmac with you man!
Putting in the base miles, couldn't be happier right now!

A Few Of Our Favourite Things

 Flouro Overshoes - A nice flash of hi-vis and hi-style
 Turbo all set up for the pain to begin at the end of Jan (easy miles/smiles for now)
 Castelli Pioggia booties & Condor Acciaio, perfect wet weather ride beaters 
 Mild temps means iv cracked this out twice in the past 2 months. On my toes as well!
 Fisher Space Pen - gnarliest writing pen ever!
New year reading material courtesy of Brian! Celeste is the colour.....

U.S. National Cyclocross Championship 2012

Coffee Field Guide