Mount Vontoux Trailer

This is the trailer for a new film about cycling, cyclists and life. It explores the mountains in our lives and how a group of older cyclists focus their minds to tackle the legendary Mt Ventoux.
Directed by Malcolm Green, edited by Ian Baigent and produced by Martha Greene for Great Guns Films.

Bike Lust


Video of the Spartacus Machine

No embed available, but a video of that ridiculously stealthy looking time trial bike of Fab Cancellara (note not the one he rode in the worlds, but the one he trained on)

Only as good as the shoes you wear...

Dream Bike


My ultimate dream bike has to be the Bianchi Luna. Its a gorgeous pearlescent carbon beauty from 2007 that for me is one of the best looking bikes. Add in a smattering of celeste finishing kit and its one hot steed indeed (celeste dumbells sold seperately).

Cycling Tips

A great blog that has some fab tips on it ranging from work/cycling/life balance to top ten attacking mistakes to what to do in an accident. Well worth a visit!

Roadrats usually have sounds owners

Bike Lust

Santini Giro Bargains - Large

Nice2Tri has the official Giro pink jersey and the special edition retro jersey for bargainous £28, as long as you take a size large.

Time Trial

Bike lust



Pro Move


One racer i have adored watching in 2009 has been Heinrich Haussler. His emotional stage win at the tour this summer pretty much had me in tears.

Cervelo Test Teams nutrition guide...

Im a big fan of ZipVit products, have become hooked on their energy and recovery bars since copping their 'taster box'. They are also sponsors of Cervelo Test Team, and in case you ever wondered what those guys fueled on.... here is their race nutrition plan. All available at ZipVit.

ProBikeKit code

Enter the code PBK10 at the checkout on ProBikeKit to receieve an extra 10% off any purchases.

Always the bridesmaid...

Bargain of the Day

Packable musette from Urban Hunter.

Load up your feed bag with ride nutrition essentials, then when consumed, folds up tiny (the size of a wallet) for your jersey pocket! Or carry in your pocket to the supermarket to pick up those small essentials (and save the planet at the same time....bonus). Check it out...

Awesome Blog....

Found this gorgeous blog, its just ride photos. I could spend hours just trawling through (and I intend to)... check it out:




via VIP


2009 Tour Of Britain winner...


Rapha Enigma...

Enigma Machine..... more on

Competitiors Podcast Archive

Spend ten minutes and have a wee trawl through this archive, they have some great interviews available for download, including Betsy Andreu, Jonathan Vaughters, Tyler Hamilton, David Walsh and many, many more. Great for killing time on the tube/bus/drowning out your other half nagging you...


Malcolm Elliot...

Malcolm Elliot is actually my personal hero. Such an amazing story to return to racing at the top level. He is 48! Oh and he is from land of steel.... Sheffield! which is always a bonus :-)

Bargain of the Day

Riding through London...

Bargain of the Day

Rouleur are doing a fantastic offer to coincide with the vuelta. They are offering any 4 of their issues for the sum of £25. 
For those not familiar with Rouleur, its less of a magazine and more coffee table fare. Its a quarterly journal to paw over sipping a post ride espresso. 
The photography is out of this world, and quite literally the best you will see. The essays are intelligent and offer something different to the norm of gear reviews and race reports usually found in cycling mags.
Also be sure to check out their online store, they not only sell back issues but lovely things such as pin buttons, gorgeous postcard sets and fab annuals and calendars.

Ten minutes from Birmingham to Sheffield - 1989

An open letter to James Martin

To James Martin....
As per your remarks in your now infamous column, i should just like you to look at the below picture of me. Look at it and tell me you still find your comments were appropriate and funny.
A driver pulled out on me recklessly, and as a result i pretty much lost all of my top row of teeth, I had a broken nose, and badly bruised legs and arms.
You see... whilst it may be funny for you to 'scare us' by beeping your horn or driving at a close vicinity, it wasnt so funny for me to hit the tarmac, it wasnt so funny to be unable to touch solid food and be in considerable pain, and it actually wasnt that funny when i had to see my mum and watch her cry.
So Mr Martin, I should honestly hope that no-one would ever purposefully endanger your children, as a driver did to me. They, and yourself..... might just fail to see the funny side then.

Body Questions

A really good post over at Cozy Beehive all about cycling and the culture of physical perception in the sport. A bit geeky but very interesting all the same...

Café Stop

Cobbles baby!

Bargain of the Day

Prendas have cut the price of their overshoes, the thermal Meraklon socks for chilly autumn rides and the lycra Time Trial overshoes.
Its a well known fact that wearing overshoes = more euro style points.  Check em out....


Fuelling the ride

This is amazingly good value. And I really rate High-5, its pretty much all I use when on the bike.
For a 4 hour ride I usually use 2-3 sachets of drink and 2-3 gels so this pack plenty to keep you going for ages, and all for the tiny sum of £24.

Bargain of the Day



I like Cunego. Wished he was Sky-bound...


Mark-Paul Gosselaar aka Zac Morris from 'Saved by the Bell' - Track Racer Extroadinaire
Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet, repping the Rapha
Vintage Madonna - loving those shorts
SurrrAlan Sugar - Proof money can't buy style haha
Matthew Broderick - Annoying actor, lovely bike...
Cheryl Crow - Im guessing this was 'the Lance years'
Jake Gyllenhaal -  Shave those pins Donnie Darko.