World Champ Jacket

Hot world championship trimmed urban cycling jacket. Washing-machinable and fleece lined. Pure bargainous at £36.95. In all sizes from Small to XL. Scoop over @ UrbanHunter


Bike Lust - Klein Edition


Cap Picks

My top picks for cycling hats. Click the pics to scoop.

CyclingTips Calendar

Featuring the wonderful “What You Missed This Morning” feature. Cop one now for 2010 race planning! 


Xmas Elf-Off

Cervelo Team Bibtights

Scoop @ ProBikeKit (Dont forget to use the XMAS code at the checkout).

Winter Motivation

Condemmed to working the early shift at my job on Christmas Day, il be looking to break free in the afternoon on my bike. This set has got me wildly motivated for a post work road ride.


© Bettini

Astana Specialized


Rapha + Tilt Shift = WIN

Rapha Continental - Diabolical Double on flickr

Lizzie Armistead


Bike Lust - Cross Edition

Rapha Fixed Jacket

The lovely black urban bomber jacket from Rapha has found its way into their clearance section. A jacket that looks as fresh off as it does on the bike. Curse their large sizes, no XS in stock for me! Scoop now over at

Sky Kit

Ricco on Bianchi..... NOOOOOOO!

My beloved Bianchis, ridden by the CERA bRAT Ricco. Im actually sobbing as I write this.


Rapha - Michael Barry Approved!


Skil Super Sale

Skil Shimano team site are having a blowout of all their pro issue kit. Scoop yourself a bargain! Muchos gracias to Lamby for the link.

Fire at the Bianchi Factory

Rapha Peep (and womenswear!)

Winter Warmers

So its here..... the 'big chill'. Temperatures have dropped to an evil 3 degrees C over the past week or so in the UK. Below are recommendations for some essential winter warmers to help make your commute or winter warrior club run more bearable, and much more comfortable. The format will follow the same as my hat post, with a specific recommendation to suit 3 types of budget. So have a read and grab yourself a winterized bargain so nothing mother nature can throw at you will stop you racking up those magical freezing training miles.

First up are neck tubes - I admit to being a total convert after grabbing one of these a couple of weeks ago. They really do stop evil drafts from creeping in and totally enhance a feeling of snugness when pulled tight and high.


Mid Range - Reflective Buff - £11.73 @ AlwaysRiding

Luxury - Rapha Winter Collar - £25 @ Rapha

Overshoes - Essential, if like me you have a ridiculously vented pair of sidis designed for summer. They swallow up more cold air than I can handle! Choose waterproof shoes for all weather commuting and thermals for those snappy winter road rides.

Socks - Essential for insulation. Coolmax simply wont cut it when the temperatures drop into single figures... sweat wicking becomes less of a priority, and thermal insulation becomes a necessity.

Mid - Le Col Team socks - £14.99 @ LeCol

Lux - Rapha Winter socks - £20 @ Rapha

Gloves - The very crux of whether you can weather the weather....or something like that! A decent pair of winter gloves are something that can make or break your ride. Lose warmth in your fingers and every gear change or brake becomes a painful experience. not to mention trying to fish out your coins at the coffee stop, a nigh on impossible task with 'icicle fingers'.

Mid - Pro X-Pert gloves - £23.99 @ Tredz

Base Layers - A decent baselayer will keep you sweat free, regulate your temperature and provide important core insulation.  

Econo - Infil Base Layer - £7.92 @ ProBikeKit


Miscellaneous Mentions - Perfect additional items that can bring you warmth during the miles...

Handwarmers - 95p 

Le Col Headband - £16.99