Retro Campagnolo Winter Biretta

Prendas have procured some special deadstock winter hats from Italy. Id suggest scooping sooner rather than later, as these sure wont last long... Perfect for the cooler months


Stanley said...

Given your status as the IT girl of London cycling...where do you recommend visitors do their shopping when in London?

Primarily looking for Rapha and some wheels.

Bianchista said...

Hi Stanley,
wow a cyclign IT girl i like that :-)

You really have to visit Condor Cycles, i
not only is it a fabulous shop stocking so many cool brands, the bikes are worth a look too!
Its situated in town, and is a real gem of a shop.
Id also thoroughly recommend grabbing a post shopping trip cappucino and cake at the cycle cafe 'Look mum no hands!' A great vibe and usually some cycling on to watch!

If your visiting after 12th novemeber and want to look at some real high end racing kit the new sigma might also be worth a look >

but for rapha and lots of nice things, you really have to visit condor. Its fab!

Stanley said...

Thanx very much, it's the end of November, so Condor and Sigma; check.

But since it's off season I think we'll bunny hop the coffee and head straight for whoever sells Old Speckled Hen in bulk and take up where our Viking ancestors left in 1030.

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