That 'Pro' Feeling

There's a few things I like to do.... 
These things make me feel a little faster. 
These rituals make me feel like I pedal with slightly more 'souplesse', that im a little more aero, that im channeling the style of god's like VDB, Boonen and Pantani.
These routines make my heart like a lion's and my legs feel like pistons.
The ceremonies I observe make me forget everything and become immersed in my bicycle, they make me profoundly aware of every part of my body, every angle of every joint.

These routines don't make me faster. They dont make me climb 'molto pronto'. They wont make me win a sprint against any of my boys. They certainly wont allow me to accelerate through a headwind as if it were merely a breeze. I'l still be slow and i'l probably still whine a bit.

Its all in my head you see, but its that special feeling I get - its that 'PRO' feeling. Long live PRO. 

Clean Bartape
Tan lines
Pristine white socks
Cutting out refined wheat
Early morning alarms
A clean drivechain
Embrace the suffering
Matching bidons
A pre-ride espresso
Merino. Copious merino

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Neil said...

I agree almost completely, but early morning alarms aren't PRO, they're for working stiffs.


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