Colnago Lust


PaulRGoulden said...

1 - yes. 2 - yes, but gold brakes are a bit iffy. 3 - passable with some different wheels. 4 - sorry, no - not even after a LOT to drink. Imagine when the lights come up at the end of the night and you're slow-dancing with THAT. 5 - I would. They've even put proper bars on it.

Bianchista said...

all of them- yes!

i like the last one, its a mean aggressive one. Like you would go to the school dance with it and it would disappear and be found slow dancing with another girl at the end of the night!!!! :-)

Ian Parkinson said...

The one in Saronni red with the Lightweights is utterly gorgeous, although the gold brakes and lines are a bit much. Sometimes less is more. But can we be clear about one thing? Colnagos are ALWAYS female.

Stefan R. said...

1. yes, 2. nikolaus bike, 3. different wheels, black saddle, black tape
4. keep the frame at start again, 5.ok, but all black?

and where is the ultimative white one? ;)

Unknown said...

"Colnagos are always female."

My brother's Colnago is named Sophia for Sophia Lauren. Mine is named Penelope for Penelope Cruz.

Haris said...

Definitely no. 5!
(future Colnagista Gem? ;-)

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