Ragley Rude Pump

I recently purchased the Ragley Rude Pump as a jersey-storable mini pump for those infrequent yet highly irritating mishaps on the road (ie translation : "I got burned t'other day on an early morning training ride far from home with only one CO2 canister and now i have learnt my lesson"). With its rude name and erm, more than passing similarity to a toy of an adult nature, the rude pump is a mini pump with quite striking styling. More importantly coming in at a shade over a tenner its as pleasing on the wallet as it is in the hand.
 The pump has a pleasant feeling soft rubber handle, making for easy grip when pumping. The handle retracts out to reveal another telescopic chamber ideal for high pressure. The website claims to be able to pump up to 180 psi, and whilst im not sure that's an exact figure that could be easily reached, I managed to take a road tyre to over 100psi without trying too hard.
The pump can handle both presta & schraeder valves, and although fiddly, simply requires flipping the adapter around in the valve. But once flipped you can keep it as it (il be on strictly presta).
The 'Rude Pump' will fit snugly into a jersey pocket and doesn't weigh much at all. A highly recommended ride essential at a price that really wont break the bank.


Anonymous said...

Top bit of kit that. Nice photos too.

The only issue I have found with this style, and it was my own fault, was when I punctured. The replacement inner which I was carrying had a short valve and not a long one for the V section rims. It was almost impossible to pump up because the valve was not sufficiently proud of the rim. If I had a screw adapter I would have been fine, but of course checking that I had the inner with the correct length valve before the ride would have been far more sensible!


Anonymous said...

Use a Lezyne Pressure Drive Mini. Soooo vastly superior to a 'bolt on' pump like these. No more snapping the precious valve stem of your ownly spare.

Michael said...

C'mon, how can you resist this:


It matches my bike so well with the touch of Celeste, my perfectly fine Bontrager pump was relegated to the spares pile, when the it arrived.

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