#Rapha500 - 61k - 28/12

Today I arrived back from my Christmas break to see the folks in the snowy north. I was time short today so opted on a wet and pretty miserable blast in Richmond Park. The first garmin file il chuck in for mileage is a wasted trip to the post office where I have a Rapha package awaiting collection.... however it was not to be as Mortlake posties appear to have the day off boooo. I caught a rain shower but managed to stay warmish until the end. Im doubtful Il actually complete the 500 strike that im CERTAIN i wont complete it, I had foolishly assumed it ran until the 31st.... when it ends on the 30th, meaning I lose a day in the saddle. Epic fail on Bianchista's part!, not helped by only starting it on the 27th thanks in no small part to a savage snow storm at home and having to work at Aston Villa on boxing day. Im still going to chug on and try and at least cover half the distance! If I try my best that's all I can do :-) il call it the #FestiveFool or perhaps the #RaphaBianchistaFail500
Nice toptube ding there bianchista! tut tut
#Rapha500 #Painface

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PaulRGoulden said...

Welcome to the #Ripoph500Cals! Owing to ice, and now fog up here on the Vale of York i've managed a woeful 190km. Still managed the extra 500cals a day though...

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