#Rapha500 - 25km - 27/12

25km in the snowy northern village Kiveton Park. I rode down to Rother Valley Country Park and cracked out a couple of laps before heading back to the community woodland, where I bumped into my parents and grandparents out for a walk, so I joined them.... receiving an extra special tow up a hill!
Kiveton Community Woodlands
Kiveton Community Woodlands
En route to Rother Valley
Frozen Lake at Rother Valley
Giving mum's mtb a nice workout!
Motorpacing with my grandpapa, hes a legend


huphtur said...

You're totally doing this motor pacing all wrong! You should be BEHIND the motor, not in front of it.

Baroudeurs said...

Looks like Micky and Rocky got competition...but that's family for you; always better than the rest.

Anonymous said...

How do you get the Garmin Connect profiles? I use connect but can't find or enable the feature. Its like having a set of Top Trumps for each ride..

Bianchista said...

by profiles do you mean how to i put them on this blog? when you click into the activity you should see at the top of the little map a "<>Embed" button. I simply click this and it gives you the html copde to paste into a webpage meaning i get that lovely little box with the stats in. I think it works in email that it html format too, but dont quote me on that :-)

happy new year!

Anonymous said...

yes i thought that would be the case.. but my connect doesnt seem to allow me to press the "embed" button.. any ideas?

Happy New Year too

Bianchista said...

aha i think I may know the cause! You have to click the little padlock icon,l meaning the activity is no longer private, as you cant share or embed private activities. But if this padlock is unclicked, (in settings I think you can select kjust to share the ones you unpadlock) then all should be dandy and you should have embed enabled....

hope this works chuck!


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