Bianchista wishes to extend a heartfelt apology to readers for lack of updates lately. Im currently 24 hours away from being posted to work in South Africa for 6 weeks at the FIFA World Cup 2010. Once embedded hopefully I can get some planned content rolling again... ride reports, reviews and general gear lust! 
I have to admit that whilst Im pretty excited at being presented with such a fab career opportunity, I cant help but feel an undercurrent of resentment that il be 'sans bicycle' for all that time! I had to purchase a little motivational kit for when my scrawny butt lands back in the UK mid July... Hopefully il see you all in the hills soon!

Also best of luck and happy riding to all those smashing the Dragon/Polka Dot this weekend. May the skies be clear and the descents long!

Gem aka Bianchista XXX 


Baroudeurs said...

Girl, you scare the 'mule bars' out of me. Every time you miss a day's blog I'm thinking you've gone and hugged the floor again. Thank the Big Fella you're all good.

Big congratulations Bianchista! This truly is a fab opportunity for you and dare I say for the sporting world. What if every big event could host the POV of other sporting advocates? No doubt the 'all good' attitude of a two-wheeling connoisseur like yourself will have a far reaching and refreshing effect on 'the beautiful game.' Just got back from Surrey; the skies are clear and was invited to ride back with a group of LDN Dynamos and Kingston Wheelers. Peace amongst the clans? My, what is this world coming to? May the roads be clear for you and your stepping stone in SA be lit up bright like the city lights.

Chapeau Bianchista!

John the Monkey said...

whilst I'd be a bit fed up to have my stay disrupted by Soccerball, it's a beautiful country - hopefully you'll get some time for a bit of a look around.

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