Kadens Bianchi Visit

Kaden has produced wicked write up and pics of the 2011 Bianchi range! Head on over to his blog to check it out... a must for any celeste fan


Alex Murray said...

I can't get excited by the 2011 range. It's the paintjobs. I'm a massive fan of Bianchi but the paint schemes have been awful the last two seasons. The Otre would look so much better with a simplified scheme: No red flashes, lose the black line from the top tube and seat stays. It just seems a bit over-designed. The plain black prototype on road.cc's report on it looks stunning by comparison.

Bianchista said...

Have to agree Alex. I think the infinito model last year would have been amazing with a real plain paintjob... it all looks a little 'fantasy' at times!

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