Photographer Profile - Cheryl King

Bianchista stumbled across Cheryl King's work recently, and wanted to share some a little insight into the very talented UK based photographer. Im really looking forward to seeing more of Cheryl's work, and hopefully watch Bianchista for some coverage of the 2010 Smithfield Nocturne direct from Cheryl.

B - How long have you been shooting cycling? and why do you shoot cycling?
CK - I have been shooting cycling for a couple of years now. I used to race XC back in the mid 1990's and have kept involved in the sport ever since. It was a natural progression to combine my photography with cycling.

B - Do you cycle? if so what bike, what kind of riding?
CK - Sure I ride! Like any keen cyclist I have a collection of bikes. The most used are my Specialized Sworks Enduro MTB and my Specialized S-works Road Bike. I couldn't choose between mountain biking or road riding, though if it's raining I prefer mountain biking.

B - What was your favourite moment shooting cycling?
CK - It's all great. Whether its MTB, Road or Cross, what stays the same is the friendliness of the people involved and the beauty of the sport.

B - What is your favourite picture of your back catalogue and why?
CK - The above photo of Dan Craven of Rapha Condor Sharp at this years Ryedale GP.
It was a really hard race, it rained all day and lots of riders abandoned. Those that finished, Dan included, crossed the line soaking wet. Though it is always difficult photographing in those conditions the results are worth it.

If you are seeking editorial or creative coverage of cycling, Cheryl can be emailed direct at Check out cheryls full porfolio of work here.

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