So, after a recent blogpost about the joys of social media via the very nice photo sharing app instagram, its time we turn our attention to the micro-blogging platform 'tumblr'. Popularized by teenage emo kids and people scarily good at creating animated GIF's, buried under the copious drippy efforts out there lie a few very cool and unique cycle related journals featuring some delicious photography, nifty gear and frequent updates of hot-bike related content to keep readerships clicking back for more. Below are just a few of my reading list you may enjoy...
The Athletic
The Blue And Red
Brixton Nihilist Cycling Club
Emiliano Granado
For The Suffering
Jack Saunders
Luxe Wheelworks
What Bike Racers Should Call Me
Sans Titre
Kapelmuur Independent
Abby Watson
Daily Sagan
Push Pulll
Pedalare Pedalare
Fabbrica Della Bici
Drops Of Diamond


Anonymous said...

Its crazy how many of these I don't follow! thanks!

Bianchista said...

My pleasure chris.. I love a tumblr browse, no better way to while away a lull at work :)

Chris said...

Seeing this list made me realize I need more originals on my own tumblr...I reblog the crap out of these guys

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