The past couple of years (early adopter!) iv been really into instagram. A great social photo sharing app available on all mobile phone OS's, the program allows users to upload cool little square format pictures to share with followers. As I said to a good friend when introducing him to it "Think of it as twitter without the arseholes & opinions".
Users can tag up images with a hashtag, populating them into a search for that term. One of the best is a tag championed by super strong man and rapha's handsome and most famous North London ex-pat Ben Leiberson. Using the tag #outsideisfree the door is unlocked to some absolutely gorgeous cycling terrain, from far reaching corners of the globe. The idea being that at the end of the day, outside really is FREE! its about sharing that vibe that Tom over at Mamnick so succinctly describes. 
Also theres the #womens100 tag for all the ladies out there embarking on the womens 100km journey.
Here is a list of cool people you should absolutely be following, and iv been enjoying a peek into there daily lives via the medium of a photograph. There's something really cool about having a little visual window to share with other like minded people... enjoy!

Jeremy Dunn
Steve Marsh
Ben Lieberson
Lachlan Morton
St Kilda Cycling Club
Ricky Feather
Kieran Hedley-Carverhill
TSH Luke
Cazz Griffin
Rhys Howells
Matt DeMartino
Condor Cycles
Jered Gruber
Go and Ride
Starr Walker
Northside Wheelers
Julie Krasniak
Cindy Lew
Abby Watson
Kristian House
Angelo Calilap
Emiliano Granado
Leave It On The Road
Max Leonard
Tao Geoghegan Hart
Bear Development Team
Beloved Cycles
Tom Boonen
Stefan Rohner
Moreno Moser
Rigoberto Uran

Ok that's quite a long list, but il post up a volume II with plenty more decent follows in the near future... happy snapping!

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