The first sings of springtime reveal themselves as days in the saddle become longer, the efforts easier and spirits are lifted out of the dark bitter mornings that encapsulated our winters training. As much as I loved my fingertips becoming numb and my kneecaps seizing up, the warm sun was a welcome change to the riding of late. After a long day in the saddle on Saturday id even go as far as to believe I can just make out the feint outline of the beginnings of the hallowed 'Grand Tour Gloves Tan'. Roll on springtime, I want nothing more than to line up for the HOTN 2 ride with the sun beating down and short sleeves. Here's hoping....
Surrey Lanes
Bianchista takes a pitstop
Jamie changes a tube
...the spoils


Coston said...

I love your blog!!

PaulRGoulden said...

Ah - spring... lines of dust stuck to the embro down your calves... a strange mid-forearm tan line where you've rolled down your armwarmers... actually carrying some speed through a tight corner... and following a wheel without a faceful of filth.

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