5 Days In Mallorca

I have recently returned from having spent 4 days last week riding out in Mallorca under the very wonderful tutelage of Kieran from Rapha Europe. Whilst there I whetted my appetite for my first mountain and European riding experience, I also fell in love with what can only be described as epic and lush scenery. Mallorca is a popular choice indeed for the cyclist seeking stunning climbs, screaming descents and smooth tarmac. Every time we turned a corner we were greeted by a host of road riding enthusiasts and amateur racers seeking training miles. Whilst visiting I climbed Sa Calobra (a more in depth blog on this will be penned this week, watch this space), Cap Formentor a few times (twas situated very near to the hotel) and the Lluc. I based myself at the Hotel Sis Pins in Porte Pollenca, where the Rapha Cycle Club is situated. Its worth mentioning anyone interested in booking to stay here can get 10% off their rate when mentioning rapha. The cycle club was a great little hangout held group rides in the morning and race screenings in the afternoon, all washed down with copious amounts of latte machiato's and sensational ensa├»mada pastries. The food is great, I enjoyed paella, fabulous lamb at Tolo's and a nice bream with the lovely london boys. The weather was really changeable especially on the descents, but I managed to get a few hours of lovely sunshine to warm my pasty shade. IMay I extend a very special thanks to Kieran for being such a fabulous guide and great riding partner, and also Alex, Jack & Lars for many a giggle over dinner...
Hotel Sis Pins sea-view
Such a fabulous view!
My bike was treated to pro level storage
 A busy afternoon at the cycle club
 Latte Machiato, superb!
 Allez Lars!
 I punctured and stopped in this layby, cant complain!
 Kieran taps out the pace
 Karen attacks on the group ride to Sa Calobra
 Cap Formentor
 The view from Cap Formentor
 Trying to keep up with Julian on the Cap
 A very stylish Alex riding easy
Phipsy & Julian pull away for some big-ring shenanigans
The cycle-club group ride peloton climbs
Hard not to love this place....
Lars makes some adjustments
Myself & Julian posing for a pic at Cap Formentor
Outrageous cake stop


Mark said...

Wow! Looks absolutely amazing. Great pics.

Andy said...

Here here, great post. Lovely pics. Who did you fly with by the way, all ok taking your bike? Thanks for putting the effort into the blog by the way I always enjoy your posts.

Bianchista said...

Andy - I flew easyjet, and to check in a bike box regardless of weight costs a mere £18 each way. I was super impressed and mine arrived without a scuff....

Stefan R. said...

1 and 11 are very nice.
friends who live in Mallorca told me that the Rapha club is more a "open air tend shop then a club" true? ;)

Michael said...

Wow, what a wonderful place to ride. The weather is warming up here, but even so, I'm jealous.

Looks like we have the same bike. You do need the Celeste tires though. My LBS has a ton of the Vittorias.

Haris said...

It looks you had a great time!
Kudos for the post and photos.

Dominic said...

'Snap' on the LAS lid! A really nice helmet if I do say so.

Have you found a use for the MASSIVE brown case yet?! :)

suffolkcyclist said...

Lovely pictures. Cheered me up!

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