Over the colder months I find it increasingly hard on occasions to garner the motivation to prize myself away from the warm cocoon of bed, to suit and saddle up, hitting the freezing tarmac to get those all important and often trumpeted 'winter base' miles. Recently iv discovered that moving around my cycling, whether it be to a different time of day or a different route to play on has reignited the passion and im finding it increasingly easier to cast aside the covers with reckless abandon.... grabing fistfulls of lycra carefully laid out the evening before, and jumping atop my winter bike to roll out on another early morning solo adventure. Simon Gerrans recently summed up the motivation experience with such a great quote from his coach Dave Sanders - 
the hardest part about going training is putting on your socks”
I always lay out my kit in anticipation of an early morning roll out - it softens the blow of waking up at  5:30am to simply remove pyjamas and jump straight into the soft comforting arms of super-roubaix and softshell fabrics. Another tip is to lay out the baselayer on the radiator... instant toastiness that no winter warrior can resist passing up.
You see, however hard it is to get that initial motivation and get-up-and-go feeling, once im actually out there on the open road, i NEVER regret the decision to train, no matter what ungodly hour I see the city, it matters not that I have a busy day ahead with a late night finish... for this moment i have zero regret that im out riding my bike and enjoying the city before sunrise.
Atop some cheeky little north London climbs, lie the rewards ready to be reaped for the season ahead. Legs will become stronger and more efficient as you dance atop the pedals up a particularly steep climb, or choose to grind out a slow lingering hill. But its not just the fitness rewards that await the early morning intrepid stealth-cyclist... its the breathtaking views and the ability to enjoy a deserted cityscape, inhabited only by other early-morning risers. There can be no more rewarding feeling than to sit smugly at the apex of a climb and take 5 minutes to soak in the surroundings, knowing so many others opted to pull the covers over their heads, ignore the early morning alarm that was set with all the best intentions, whilst you took the bull by the horns, you decided today was the day to set the training in motion on the new loop you discovered perfect for that pre-office workout.
So with the little training loop done I head back to the office bike part, hanging up the Colnago in the bike park area until the commute home later. I cant help but feel chuffed and happy and warm (proper layering and good quality clothing like gloves will make all the difference when tarting around before sunrise on your bike this time of year). The rewarding glow will last all day, even if you don't, and find yourself dropping off before hometime

Lights + decent clothing + good music + handful of haribo + bidon of water = perfect training

You'll Know - Eliphino
A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie rmx) - Andreya Triana
Fort Teen - Dorian Concept
Always - Hackman
Snow & Taxis - Gold Panda
Kaili (Walls rmx) - Caribou
CMYK - James Blake
Earthquake (Gold Panda rmx) - Little Boots
Leave House (Ikonika rmx) - Caribou
The Floating World (Eliphino rmx) - Kidkanevil
Snowburst - Italtek
Rock Wit U (Yoruba Soul dub) - DJ Jazzy Jeff
Tilt Shift - Mosca
Will Be Gone - Dave DK
Channel One (Dave DK rmx) - Pablo Bolivar
Pushin' - Duncan Powell


PaulRGoulden said...

I usually put my sidis, socks and gloves on the radiator to put off the numbing for as long as possible. -3C this morning... still got my softshell on in the office as I can't warm up!

Bianchista said...

yes socks on the radiator is always a good idea :)
was about 2C this morning, had a long sleeve baselayer and ladies softshell, and a necktube so nice and toasty! the only thing that got a little chilly was my fingertips - Perhaps I need some more thermal winter gloves....

Anonymous said...

Gemma, South London around the Catford, Lewisham and Blackheath area has some very similar climbs and terrain to those north London climbs if you ever fancy a trip down this way let me know. I know its the totally opposite end to where you work but there is some good riding to be had on that end of London too. Me and Paul ride out in Kent quite a bit also and those climbs are bastardos,

Jeff Barkema said...

Perfect timing for this post being as I overslept by an hour this morning. My tardiness for rising is usually a result of staying up too late the night before. This is good motivation to fix all that.

Anonymous said...

You know what's funny, or possibly just ironic about this post?
Although I live in the nicer climes of Southern California, I think the potential of meeting a passionate, attractive, and aesthetically-minded woman such as yourself is my motivation to get out on the roads (and trails) even in the "worst" weather or in the toughest of times.

Martin said...

your post nails it.

like the way you're blogging.

keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Great post...kind of tricky here right now to get out on the road...snow piles are actually over 5 ft, icy roads and temps dropping to -21 it summer yet? Gotta love east coast canada in the winter...cheers.

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