Rapha Skincare - First Look

Bianchista towers has received the range of new Rapha skincare. Below are first impressions of the products, look for a more in depth review next week...

The products arrived in very kitsch pink newsprint, feeling rather special as soon as you lay eyes on them. I have to admit i felt a pang of regret when clocking them as it reminded me of the special pink newsprint gilet that I never quite got round to buying, only for it to disappear into gems large  locker of cycling regrets!

Upon opening, the very neat packaged are all emblazoned with the 'Ventoux' sealing sticker, informing of the concept of these products, in that they were all made with the scented elements derived from that most epic of mountains. Rapha head honcho Mr Mottram himself collected flora and fauna when cycling to ensure these products were crafted with an authenticity and feeling of Vontoux. The first thing I smelt was the soap, and its certainly got a wild natural scent to it, and if I close my eyes I could quite happily be smelling the subtle roadside vegetation on the slopes of France.

The winter embrocation looks like the traditional style Belgian knee warmer formula, rich and wax-like. I could smell the capsicum and wintergreen immediately, and those fond of the euro sheen will be pleased to know that i should imagine this gives a very nice sheen indeed to shaven legs. The pot also has a rather natty product sheet, with a map of the Ventoux ascent on the rear, a very nice little touch indeed, adding to that special feel. I cant wait to try this on some rainy wet training rides, with its promise to provide around 5 hours of heated protection from the elements.

Next up in the range is the chamois cream. The first thing I noticed was the nice smell from it. I recently purchased some sportique chamois cream, and although its lovely and thick and robust, the thing has an awful medicinal reek about it, and I felt very self conscious that my shorts emanated a weird clinical smell, not ideal when walking arriving in the office! I suspect that the natural ingredients of Rapha's cream are what gives it that delicate scent, and its viscosity looked appealing, in that it didn't look too thin, and that it should last a long ride. I plan on putting some miles in at the weekend with this cream, so will look forward to how it holds up.

Lastly is the super cute cube of Rapha blend soap. Probably the product I was most excited about, because I'm super fond of a long relaxing post ride bath most evenings! The smell was just spellbinding. Its scent is natural and light, and not only is it perfect for relieving stress from tired muscles, its also perfect for hand washing those grand tour gloves....

Il be putting these products through their paces in the next week or two, so look for a more detailed review soon. All products are available at Rapha and check the post below for a promo code for free shipping on the skincare range.


Stefan R. said...

now most cycling blogs will come up with the new fantastic rapha cremes?

very funny and cool blog entry about it at bikesnobnyc ;)))

freebird velo said...

Love your blog. I also love Rapha products. I'll be interested in seeing how the embrocation works. I've had bad luck with another embrocation, I won't name names (similar to "angry chemistry').

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