Northern Soul Cupcakes

As cyclists, there is an old and hallowed tradition of our rides going hand-in-hand with cafe stops, where coffees from lattes to machiatos are prdered. Usually accompanying them, is a large sugar treat in the guise of the humble cake. Cakes are as personal a choice as a saddle or tyre... I love something uber sweet like a caramel slice or anything with copious amounts of thick frosting to give my tired legs that little boost to get home.
So with that in mind cake lovers, allow me to introduce you to the artisan cupcake world of Northern Soul Cupcakes. Run by my very good pal and no 1 Aunty, Jayne Harrison, Nothern Soul create wonderful bespoke cupcakes for all occasions. Having had the pleasure to scoff a few on my sisters 30th, I feel obliged to share these wee beatuies with the bianchista readership, so any northern riders with a penchant for natty looking treats can get a well deserved sugar rush.

Based in the Sheffield area, why not treat that special rider in your life to the ultimate post ride treat. Personally that ice cream cake looks delish and consider this an order put in for one when im back in the city of steel in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Truly something i can get my teeth into

Bianchista said...

tell me about it, it was monthsa since i last had some and the taste was E-P-I-C. that ice cream cone has my name all over it!

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