Rapha presents The Vuelta CD

Bianchista towers was very kindly delivered the latest installment in the Rapha Racing album collection, the companies musical compilations cataloging each epic grand tour and providing the tunes to take you to on a journey to the heart of ther race. This cd is entitled 'The Vuelta' and obviously has a very spanish theme. The album coincides with the 75th anniversary of the end of year Grand Tour. The albums are compiled by Simon Rose of Pitch & Sync, and Simon can be found online on his twitter. Obviously readers will know i waxed lyrical about the 'Giro' CD, so this one has a lot to live up to.

Like the last album, theres a great blend of traditional old style, with classic Catalan guitar tracks, to some Indo-European slow burning disco beats.With a distinctly Spanish flavour the high energy tracks are interspersed with extracts from extracts from the 'Viva La Vuelta!' book, with the extracts providing a nice narritive anchor. The tracks serve to provide listeners with a taste of the heat and passion of the race, in no less than 13 underground musical gems.

As with the last record, the packaging will feature a deluxe inlay with all the main protagonists photographed from past and present. The CD will be priced at £12 and available at Rapha. I believe a digital edition will also be avaiulable for download, presumably from Itunes.

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