Blackburn Toolmanator 16

We recently took receipt of blackburns top-of-the-range multitool, the 'Toolmanator 16' to put through its paces. Previously the only blackburn product iv used was their 'airstik' pump, which I had many happy years with until it ejected itself from my jersey pocket somewhere mid-ride. 
An everyday riding essential, a decent tool tends to last, often outliving the bikes it adjusts, and this 16 element gadget certainly does looks the part. A mini-tool represents one of those boring and seemingly needless purchases, but plumping for a decent quality model provides that peace of mind that when that rare occasion rises, you're well equipped to get back on the road.
Replacing my tired old cheapo mini-tool, the toolmanator feels like a quality product from initial handling. The tools are made from, and I quote, "hardened, forged and drawn chrome vanadium". Now, I literally have no idea what that means, but what I do know is the tool bits seemed much better quality when compared to my old lifeline budget model. My older tool heads had a habit of rounding off, or stripping the bolts.
So, what does this small package boast? 8 hex sizes, 2 torx heads, a bladed and phillips head screwdriver, 2 spoke keys, a 10-speed chain breaker and a mini shock pump. The mini shock pump is shraeder fitting only, so sadly redundant to me as a roadie. I tested the chain breaker out, and whilst it took a bit of wile to crank it round, it cleanly popped out the connecting pin without too much trouble.The fixtures are fitted into a sleek one-sided aluminium housing, helping to keep the weight down to a svelte 114g. You're certainly not going to notice this in your pocket on a ride. Also included in the package was a nice little neoprene sleeve to wrap around the device, keeping things neat and avoiding catching any of the tool-heads on stuff. 

Its around 7cm square, but only 1cm thick, so it can tuck neatly into something like an essentials case, or even into a smaller saddle bag should you not have a pocket for it. I liked how low profile it was compared with my chubby weighty old model. This desirability does come at a price though... the cheapest I found online was just a shade under £30 at ribble. Whilst some might balk at the thought of dropping that much on a tool, in its defense the toolmanator does feel like a £30 multitool should. Il be interested to see if its still in good shape with a year of all season use and drops etc, but the signs look good.  
Full specs: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm Hex Keys, Torx T25 and T30, Schrader Valve pump, bladed and Philips #2 screwdrivers, 10 speed chain breaker and 14/15 gauge spoke wrenches. 

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