Have to throw out a HUGE congratulations to my colleague and friend Bryn Lennon, who last night scooped the coveted title of 'Sports Photographer Of The Year' award, alongside the 'Specialist Portfolio Of The Year' at the annual Sports Journalist Awards for his sterling cycling work
Iv had the privilege to help edit Bryns work both on assignment and remotely, and honestly believe he is the best in the world at editorial cycling coverage, telling the story of the race as it unfolds. Each year I get to head to Paris to have cards thrown my direction on what is often an incredibly chaotic day that comes at the end of three weeks brutal graft put in by Bryn and others on the tour. To see him get win these awards is a lovely testament to the consistent quality of his output. Add into that Bryn is also a huge lover of the sport, and this definitely translates across in his work. 
You'll see a lot more from Bryn & Getty this forthcoming season, with the launch of our new aptly names 'Velo' collection, covering a whole gamut of top global bike races. The content will soon be made embeddable also, so bloggers and online media outlets look to fill your editorial with high quality free images from an award winning shooter and some other excellent photographers.
But for now, let us here at Bianchista HQ throw our cycling caps in appreciation to Bryn and his richly deserved accolades. Chapeau chap!

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