What Are You For?

Bill Strickland, of Bicycling magazine & Kapelmuur Independent fame recently posted a question to us, the cyclist... that is, he asked "what are you for?".
With the instant online social-outlets of twitter, facebook, blogger et al of today, there is so much opined regarding the ills and negative aspects of all contained within our bubble of two wheels. So Bill asks the question, what is that is good in our world? What is it you stand (or ride) for?
I am for encouragement. I will seek to share the beauty of cycling by being a good ambassador for my sport. Riding with those a little less familiar with the sport, showing them this is just about the most enjoyable act of freedom that can be found to escape the rat race of the daily grind! By helping others achieve their targets and goals, I get to share in that enthusiasm. Frankly... its infectious.
I am for the simplicity of cycling... not being required to compartmentalise each aspect of cycling into some sort of pseudo-theory and analyse every last ounce of passion and spontaneity out of the ride. Im for just tossing a lycra'd leg over the top tube and embracing the days encounters. A blank canvas if you will.
I am most definitely for that last rider shelling himself to finish. I love that within cycling, even bottom place is celebrated as a triumph. Gutsy determinism is praised in recognition of that slog to reach the flamme rouge. Take traditional team sports... there is always a winner and a loser. Losers are not liked, and the opponents despised. In our world, we celebrate all! If that isn't worth being proud of, I don't know what is.
I am most definitely for the suffering. The spikey sting of lactic post ride, glowing legs with a matching smile after pushing the pedals hard. The sacrifice and reward is abundant, but the ratio always seems to tip in the most favourable way.
I am totally fr the adventurous little detour, the roads less ridden. Give me friends, quiet roads and laughter on a bike and il show you a perfect day! 


Anonymous said...

Great post. It's easy to forget the simple pleasure of cycling. We're bombarded with marketing, with Strava goals, with sportives, with technology - all distractions. The humble bicycle has hardly changed all these years and is all the better for it. Every now and then simply get on your bike and ride. Turn whichever way the winds blows, ride like you're five years old all again. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

As worthy and honourable as the words are that you speak of, in my 30years in retailing I thank God every day that image is everything. The poseur is not to be chastised or discounted for it is the pound or euro or dollar that they dispense with in order to feel less insecure about their abilities that keeps me and thousands of my ilk in clover. Very sad I know, but TRUE.

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