Anonymous Bidon Ladies

This week I received a mystery package containing two fine looking sparkly bidons from the very secretive sounding "Anonymous Bidon Ladies". Their identities hidden, my only clue as to the origin of these pretty vessels was a handwritten note, simply stating the bottles were designed and had journeyed all the way from Melbourne, Australia.
The bottles are 'Purist' bottles, meaning the usual grim-taste that penetrates a plastic bottle interior after a couple of months is avoided by the clever implementation of a silicon dioxide inner coating to the bidon. The result is a fresh taste and bacterial barrier, avoiding those fusty gulps of bottles old.
The design is pretty neat, il no idea what the index finger lace signifies, but hey, its a splash of pink and it looks cool. "Dont forget, drink up" serves as a reminder when face down to keep hydrated. You can find the ladies webstore over at and im assured more bottles and products are in the pipeline for the very near future. 
Be sure to check out the instagram account (bidonsorbottles) also, and share your own weird and whacky bottles with a #bidonsarebottles hastag. 

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