Giro Air Attack

Giro have produced a new helmet, that looks totally comedy on the first glance, but iv got to say.. the more pictures of pros I see using it, the more I want to try one! I think it was seeing Marianne Vos at the Olympics flossing one that was the decisive factor in changing my opinion on them. They look super retro, almost as if they gave a bunch of 80's helmets a respray and popped them back on the market. Giro have hit the 'aero' tech hard on the helmet, with a reported 12% less drag when compared with their current top of the range Aeon (a casque im currently in love with wearing), and the helmet will be offered with a space age looking magnetic visor to shield riders eyes. The Air Attack should be available spring '13.


DiegoCwb said...

found one that looks like the giro!

BJFO said...

isn't Vos wearing a catlike?

Anonymous said...

@BFJO no you can see the Giro logo on the left side

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