A Running Interlude

Apologies for breaking normal wheel-based service here on bianchista, just wanted to give a quick mention to a challenge il be undertaking in March. As some of you know, as well as ramping up my riding these past few months, iv been doing quite a bit of pounding the tarmac with my feet, with the aim of completing the 2012 bath half marathon in aid of a very worthy cause, Parkinsons UK. 
Dad & I shortly after our first 5k parkrun - shattered!
In New Zealand when away on assignment I became the butt of many jokes, after appearing very fit, I was literally in pieces after a tiny 2k run! I walked like John Wayne and could only manage a shuffle along the floor for days after. However, sticking with the suffering and forcing myself to run, i have slowly been able to increase my mileage and hopefully pitch myself to rise to the occasion of a suitably epic challenge for a complete novice runner like myself. 
Never employ the services of your mother as official race photographer
My dad and I have trained religiously (I ran into work on new years day in the pouring rain, rocky eat your heart out!) for what we believe to be a really worthwhile cause, and something very close to our hearts (my grandfather is a parkinsons sufferer). 
Getting to meet & run with Mo Farah recently and get some tips! (avoid fried food mainly!)
If any readers feel like chipping a pound my way to sponsor what I can assure you will be a gruelling physical and mental test (sadly my body is used to years of cycling and it growing to hate me, the pressure im putting on it by taking up running!) then it would mean so much, not only to me and my old man, but to anyone touched by Parkinsons. I also promise that if we reach our really modest target of £200 we will sign up and run a marathon! so think of it as an investment into my pain and discomfort!
Chilling with Mo
Please head over to my just giving page, and throw a loose coin my way. No worries if not, even an encouraging message via twitter would be awesome! Thanks so much and again, apologies for this non cycling interlude... I assure you normal service will now resume!


PhillipA said...

You've already blown through your £200 target - you need to up it a bit now :)

Bianchista said...

Phillip - firstly let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for your donation, very kind and generous! Our target was indeed modest, but the amazing kindness shown already within a day has put paid to that. I'm sure Parkinson's uk will be really chuffed at everyone's contribution! No backing out now eek! :D

Unknown said...

The photo looks like you were in Endcliffe Park? Used to spend hours running through there and up Porter Clough, before i got into cycling!

Bianchista said...

well spotted - was indeed endcliffe park for the parkrun there, back on xmas eve!

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