Venturing North

This past weekend I had the pleasure of linking with Paul of one of my favourite cycling blogs... "still searching". As a York inhabitant, Paul promised a great route in and around the York/Harrogate area, and goodness did he deliver. The ride was a gentle 78km affair, peppered with silent country lanes looking beautiful dressed in burnt leaves, radiating in the chilly sunshine. I haven't had a sunstancial ride in the UK since the start of august due to being on the road with work, so this route was extra special in that it felt somewhat of a homecoming for me. I tested myself a little on the climbs, each time having chris dish out some punishment on the primes. 
The cafe stops were incredible, Home Farm was an absolute treat, and not to forget arriving at the stunning bridge in Knaresborough ready for a caffeine hit.
Chris, Julia and Paul provided some great company, showing me what northern road cycling (and a little bit of cross thinking back to those bridleways) has to offer. It was the kind of ride that I had in mind when getting the Acciaio - those long leisurely days exploring in the saddle, with good banter amongst mates and long winding deserted (wind-free) roads!
  I would thoroughly recommend trying out the route on a nice clear day, the scenery was breathtaking. York is pretty accessible from Kings Cross via East Coast trains (remember to book a bike space on their website). Feel free to download the course data from the garmin information below, pop in some course points and head off into this lovely lush northern hinterland.
The Japanese 'Crunky Popjoy' sweets did not fare too well at the cafe stop
Sunshine & deserted lanes made for some great miles
 Paul & his awesome flouro booties
(L-R) Julia, Chris & Paul lead the way home as the sun sets


Chris said...

Looks sweet as a sweet thing. I'm just happy getting out amongst it in Singapore right now, after 4 years in the middle east, but I miss the days in Australia when I could get out away from everything on 'silent country lanes'. Not much of that here.
Thanks for sharing.

Simon said...

Splendid. It just goes to show that, given the right company, any ride can be an epic ride.

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