Otago, NZ

Simply stunning scenery to ride in. Massive climbs and breathtaking scenes lay around every corner... click the pics for full size.


richard said...

Welcome to New Zealand! Hope you have a great time while you're here and don't find us rugby-obsessed Kiwis *too* full on :) Glad you've found somewhere nice to go for a spin.


Richard, http://sportreview.net.nz

Phips said...

Stunning panoramas Gem! Are you shooting them with the iPhone then stitching in PS?

Bianchista said...

cheers phips, yes shooting on iphone - my bloody ixus 130 went in for warranty fix and didnt get sent back in time :(

wish they would invent a fuji x10 but in minature pocket-jersey format!

O'nev said...

nice work with the iphone. I'm glad you are getting a good work out with the hills in Dunedin. You can smash up Alpe d'Huez next year :-)

Chat to Greg Henderson, he would tell you some good train roads.

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