Dunedin, NZ Bound

At the end of the month, bianchista is being posted for a 2 month working trip to New Zealand to cover the Rugby World Cup 2011. Il be situated in Dunedin on the south island for a month, before heading up to Auckland to rendezvous with the remainder of the editing team to work the last 4 weeks.
I will be taking my bike (although which one is still to be decided!) and il be looking to ride on most days, bar the big game days. Should you be local to the area and fancy showing me the very best of your treasured local routes, please do drop me a line at the email address above. Also feel free to ping any garmin route files that may be of interest. Im currently digging out a plethora of warm fleece-backed lycra in anticipation of temps in the 4 degree range eek!


Mark said...

Gem, have you got the best job in the world?

Rhys said...

Hi Gem,

There are a number of easy to find rides around here, and more further out from the city. The Otago Peninsula is a simple ride to find, with great views. There is also at least one bunch ride per bike shop. And mountain biking.

Anonymous said...

If you're in Dunedin then your a hop-skip-and-a-jump (sort of) from the Crown Range Road climb.



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