Wow. Im sure everyone felt as awful as I did watching yesterdays events unfold at the tour. To see Flecha and Hoogerland cast across the road like ragdolls left me with an awful lurching feeling in my stomach. These guys turn themselves inside out for the love of the sport - day in, day out.
The men, whether they like it or not, through their brave actions become heroes to everyone who consumes the races - the fan that emulates them on every backyard climb, or the daydreaming office worker, lost in though of battling one of these giants of the road for the finish line.
We care and we love these strongmen, applauding their most courageous acts and appreciating the style and panache they execute their craft with.
Watching the below video of Hoogerland really resonated with me, I saw a vulnerable young and BRAVE man, and what a man he is. Awarded the combativity prize after Flecha refused it as a gesture, and also the KOM jersey, he can take a small amount of comfort in the fact he was amazing. To remount and finish the stage after that crash was spectacular. Well done Johnny, and rest up today.

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Aaron Abitia said...

Versus network here in America interviewed him this morning...he said that in the past two days he's gotten only 10 hrs sleep, due to his injuries, which is what he'd normally get in one night. Also, his resting heartrate was 50 rather than the normal 40, again because his body was fighting the injuries. So, we see the crash, but that is just the beginning for him...the aftermath and recovery is very difficult. In the video, it seems you can see the trauma of it all washing over him, as the adrenaline wears off. Good post.

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