Basic Winter Intervals For Garmin Devices

I have uploaded a collection of aerobic interval sessions from my Garmin 500 to share with anyone wishing to kick start their winter base training. I use them on the spin bike, could be used on a ride in a controlled area like maybe Richmond or Regents park circuits. They are by no means uber scientific or for seasoned racers and elite riders, and they operate purely on HR zones (alas I am not training with power.....yet!). I am by no means claiming to know anything other than a few basics when it comes to hr training, so these workouts would be ideal for fairly fit novices/amateurs looking to boost their performance over the coming months. A nice kick start to some very basic training, each workout ranges from 50-60 minutes in length. Enjoy and check out the screenshots below for details of how to import them onto your Garmin workout compatible device (.FIT files). Should you encounter any problems feel free to email me and I will happily email the zip file.
1) Download the .zip file from here -
2) Open your Garmin device in drive mode
3) Then open the 'Garmin' folder inside
4) Then finally drag all the files from the zip folder into the 'Workouts' folder on the Garmin
5) Eject the Garmin device from the computer, power down then up again, the workouts should now be available, on the 500 device head to the 'Training' menu, then 'Workouts'. Simply select the workout you wish to do, then click 'start/stop' to commence the workout. Enjoy! 

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