The Significant Insignificant Ride

Today I enjoyed a great ride with my great friend and the interwebs most infamous cycling hooligan, Lamby.
I was under the impression we were to meet for a coffee and a few relaxed laps around Richmond Park. However, we spontaneously decided to head into Surrey, on the whim comprising of a mixture of extra shot lattes and undulating spring sunshine! 
Whilst a ride such as this may be insignificant for most cyclists among us, I can count on one hand the amount of rides over 25 miles I have ridden since December. Iv been sidelined quite bad battling with an incredibly annoying and incessant sciatic nerve issue, manisfesting itself and a numb, dead, achy and sometimes burning leg. Its something iv had to just get on with, but its seen my aerobic base built up by thousands of excellent summer km's simply disappear to leave me struggling up the easiest of climbs and lacking my normal power on the flats. So today we decided to forgoe a hammerfest and enjoy a gorgeous social low intesity roll into Surrey.
The stats are nothing impressive I assure you, rather the opposite in fact to most, but to me they are a little bit of a landmark, as I rode most of the ride in relative comfort, with leg pain levels at about 20%, compared to their normal 80%. My spirits feel well and truly lifted, sometimes a good long ride with excellent company is the perfect tonic.

Things I learnt on todays ride:

*) Low intensity on a lovely sunny day is most enjoyable
*) On a weekday, be prepared for the lack of Bakewell slices atop Box Hill, and dont let it break you as I nearly did (offical bakewell nutter)
*) Banter is an essential excellent ride ingredient
*) The first ride of the year sans armwarmers is a beautiful thing
*) During my many rides last year to Surrey it has become apparent I have not once paid attention on how to get back to Blighty
*) Following on from this info, DO NOT under any circumstances let me navigate home from Box Hill. It will only end in tears!
*) Lambys climbing has improved tenfold. I blame the cervelo
*) It is possible to ride over 60 miles with only one sachet of High-5
*) Raphas women's classic jersey is my uber fave jersey
*) Thanks to Lambluvva I am officially a garmin geek (and I love it)
*) That truly epic riding is a sense of post ride acheivement. Fill your boots.


simon lamb said...

I know that tubby hunched look anywhere. Looking at the floor breathing through my arse wishing I was 4 stone lighter. What a great day I feel I conquered a few hill demons today too with your help so thanks very much. We need to work out a way to teleport home from boxhill though.

sygyzy said...

Looks like we had very similar rides albeit mine was 20 mi shorter. On a side note, am able to read your blog now. I AdBlock the background.

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