Rapha Ladies Ride - 25/3/10

Rapha will be launching their women's capsule range with their maiden ladies only ride, to be held on the 25th March. The Venue will be the Garden Cafe, located in the inner circle of Regents Park.

At 5pm, there will be a ladies only ride with laps around one of Londons most iconic landmarks, Regents Park. This will be followed by coffee, cake and vino, with an opportunity to try out some of Raphas garments from the stunning ladies range (items will also be able to be 'road tested' during the ride).Should you wish to try any of the garments, then please drop Laura Etherington an email, stating your UK dress size, in order to ensure sufficient sizes are available on the day.

Please do spread the word, and lets show the power and presence of the city's female cycling contingient, and that we are an important market sector so often missed!

Date: Thursday 25th March, 2010
Where: The Garden Cafe, Regent’s Park Inner Circle, London NW1
Time: From 5pm for the ride and to test clothing and from 5.30pm to see the range and for coffee, wine and cakes


Unknown said...

I wonder what chance my ample 16 with 38DD's will fare. I did ask in Sigma to try on the mens and they guys just sniggered at me!

Bianchista said...

definately email Laura, the cut on their tops is superb, much nicer than a mans cut (which admittedly iv been wearing for about 2-3 years!)

Hope to see you down there Mille, come say hi!


Unknown said...

I mailed Laura, thanks... will try and get down but not easy to get away early from Farrer when you are a 'girlie' :(


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