Winter Hat Options

So its getting to that time of year, when ears become frozen and noses colder than a pomeranians nose on a january walk along the river. Its well known that the human has a huge capacity to leak a lot of its core body warmth through the head. Its important in the winter months to make sure you limit this loss, otherwise you will really feel the bitter cold of a ride, and sure enough when the wind kicks up it's a horrible, horrible feeling.
Below I have done a round up of my top picks for winter hats, in four different flavours to suit your style. I have also picked a hat from each price range to suit different xmas budgets. We have econo-hats, mid-range hats and luxury headwear for your bonce. Click on the hats for retailer links.

First up are the neck gaitor style hats, cool drawstring type beanie hats that double up as neck warmers. Great for providing wearing options, but not really suitable for underhelmet wear, so ideal for those riders that can enjoy quiet lanes to ride on sans casque.

 Econo range scarf/hat - Nalini Alesso/Bianchi 2003 Winter Hat - £12.50 over at Prendas.

Mid range scarf/hat - Nalini Nevoso Winter Hat - £14.00 over at Chainreactioncycles.

Luxury scarf/hat - Etxeondo 3-in-1 Winter Hat - £24.95 over at Prendas.

The next type of winter hat is the skull cap. This type of hat can offer head and ear coverage whilst remeaining a sleek profile to your head, making it perfect for wearing under a helmet. The only downside is some look a bit nuts when worn on their own.

Econo range - Santini Skull Cap - £9.99 over at Chainreactioncycles.

Mid range - Endura Baa Baa Skull Cap - £13.49 over at Probikekit.

Luxury Skull Cap - Assos Robo Skull Cap - £22 over at CycleExpress.

Next up is the plain no frills beanie. Not so practical under helmets, and again one for the quiet country lanes. The beanies below would also be perfectly rockable on a non cycling occasion.

Econo beanie - Craft Pro Zero Windstopper Hat - £12.60 over at Wiggle.

Mid range - Assos Stinger Hat - £29.99 over at Wiggle.

Luxury Hat - Rapha Merino Hat - £35 over at Rapha.

The final type of winter headwear I will cover is a full on winter-cap. Kind of like a beefed up arctic version of the classic cycling biretta, that is a short peaked cap, but featuring earflaps and usually crafted from wool for added warmth. Most are fine to wear under a helmet, although some are a little on the bulky side.

Econo Winter Cap - NOS Retro Team Cap - £9.95 over at Prendas.

Mid range - Solo Possum Merino Wool Hat - £26 over at AlwaysRiding.

Luxury Winter Cap - Campagnolo TGS Winter Hat - £49.99 over at Chainreactioncycles

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