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If like myself, you would be inclined to turn on the radio to chill out a little rather than the television (such is the majority of dirge that's shown these days) then you may or may not be aware of the excellent series of podcasts from the Velocast crew.
There's a variety of shows available, but my two favorites are the weekly-ish Velocast & Race Radio show, now under the banner of Eurosport. Here the guys (John GallowayScott O'Raw) discuss the weekly happenings in the world of pro cycling, covering the major races and general cycling gossip of the week. It also features a brilliant section dedicated to the coverage of the womens professional scene, hosted by the uber knowledgeable Sarah Connolly. Sarah runs the awesome Pro Womens Cycling website, where you can also find a standalone womens cycling podcast. Her knowledge, coverage and general insight honestly puts every other outlet I can think of to shame. Its excellent for those interested in the riders and racers.. so yeah, check it out!
The other show that I have seriously loved is the 'This Week In Cycling History', where each episode looks back at some historic moments and curious stories from the archives of cycling histry, usually tying in with the current race week or thereabouts. Hosted by John Galloway, the show features short stories by Cillian Kelly and then segues into quite a bit of banter around the riders and moments of yesteryear. This is a cracker for easy listening, I often like to zone out listening to an episode on those awful days im forced to take public transport. Anyway, be sure to have a peek around, if your one for radio and conversation I guarantee you will love them. Click the images below for iTunes access or use the above links for direct episode downloads.

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