Dominique's Destroyer

Check out the fully custom weapon Condor have created for veteran of the London cycle scene and sometimes rapha muse, Dominique Gabellini. The carbon beast had each tube cut and sculpted by hand in Italy. Running a mix of componentry that reads like a whats what in the £ per gram ratio, the bike really does look the biz. No inner chainring or front derailleur, and a mix of campy wheels and Di2 help keep the weight down to a feather-like minimum. Dom will race crits like a madman on this beast this upcoming season, but for now the bike can be seen on display in the Condor window. Check it out next time you visit... I love the saddle and bars, with their subtle striped finish. Bravo Condor!

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Lee said...

Is it really 'custom' if you need 40mm of spacers under your stem? The bike is ugly enough without that...

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