Autumnal Miles

I had the pleasure of heading out for a nice long ride into Surrey this past Wednesday. The temperatures plummeted, and it was truly oversocks and glove weather. I also had the pleasure of putting the new Rapha Ladies Softshell through its paces, watch out for a full in-depth review in the next week or so. I enjoyed the spoils of a Bakewell slice atop of Box Hill as my reward. Happy to finally chalk up some autumn cup points as it were...


Aaron Abitia said...

Congratulations on the look glamorous...but can't believe you let someone else pedal that rickshaw. Har har. I enjoy reading your blog.

P.S. Have no flipping idea who that gal is, here stateside.

Bianchista said...

hahaha that is a lowly z-list ex-soap actress from the uk, an unfortinate namaesake given her buxom looks and blonde hair :)

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